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June 13, 2018
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Summer is here!!!  Time to relax and have fun.  It’s also a great time for adventure and learning new things.  Kids can become bored after the first few weeks. Here are some ideas on how to keep them busy while learning and having new experiences.

Rainy day, no problem!  Go bowling.  Visit a museum. Make a birdhouse out of Popsicle sticks. Make a puzzle. Make a totem pole out of paper towel rolls then decorate them. Make popsicles in Dixie cups using juice. Plan a menu, go shopping for ingredients then let them help with preparation. Read a book.  Put on a play.  Put on a magic show. Make jewelry. Make puppets out of socks or brown paper bags. Take a free kid’s workshop at Lowe’s, Home Depot. Michael’s. Make shadow puppets then put on a show.  Play “Bank” or “Store” to help your children learn about money.  Look at a state or US map—learn about state capitals and plan where you’d like to visit.  Visit the library.

Most of these activities take a bit of planning and possibly shopping but are really fun and educational.


                                                                                                           There are also lots of outside activities that are really fun. Go biking (remember helmets).  Go for a walk and collect nature objects to make a collage. Have a picnic—let the kids plan the menu. Plant a garden. Make paper boats and race them in a kiddie pool using straws to propel them. Play mini golf. Make a sidewalk chalk mural. Visit a fish hatchery. Have a scavenger hunt in your yard. Make a giant slip-n-slide using a painter’s tarp and shaving cream.  Visit a retirement home and read stories to seniors (teach your child about volunteering).  Visit the zoo. Go bird watching.      


Most towns sponsor free events like outdoor concerts, classes, shows in the summer.  Local libraries also often have summer events.  Check the paper or internet to see what’s available.

Lake County summer events can be found at: littlelakecounty.com

Another helpful website is: northeastohiofamilyfun.com

Have a wonderful summer!

Article written by Sue Gaston, M.D.

KidsFirst Pediatrics